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bOpit radio is a live streaming and podcasting network that produces shows for small businesses to promote their products and services to customers. Click here to listen to what bOpit radio is all about.

We are the first ever live streaming and podcasting platform that provides audio solutions for business owners (boppers) to verbally communicate their products and services to listeners (boppets). We do this by creating your very own podcast or live streaming show on bOpit radio that is specific to your business. Your show will be hosted on the bOpit radio network that is categorized by industry trade into specific channels. bOpit radio offers you the capability to set yourself apart from the competition by producing your live streaming or recorded podcast with you as the host and your business as the star!

We specialize in developing you and your business into a captivating show by combining your good old fashion voice and personality with the latest in bOpit audio streaming and podcasting technology. No prior radio or podcasting experience required. You simply come into the studio or a qualified bOpit studio producer comes to you. You record your show and we'll take care of the rest. Once we conduct our post-production, your finished show will be available on or on our free Android and iPhone apps for your customers to enjoy anytime they want. You can talk about anything business related that you think is important for your customers to know. Maybe you would like from them to know about how you got started, talk about how you operate your business in detail such as materials or ingredients used to make your products; the possibilities are endless!

bOpit radio subscription plans start at just $25.00 per month. Please feel free to listen to the business spotlight channel that highlights folks who have products and services to sell. These are free 5 minute recorded podcast that are offered to anyone who has a product or service to sell. If you would like to participate in a free bOpit business spotlight recording session, just click on contact us to get started. We also encourage you to download our free bOpit radio live and local apps available on Android and iPhone marketplaces. 

Thanks for listening and we look forward to making bOpit the business radio of you!