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bOpit Business Spotlight Update

Dec 9, 2017

While you enjoy the countdown to the Christmas and New Years holidays, we are counting down the days to officially launching bOpit business radio. Our developers are hard at work integrating all of our podcast channels into our network website. We are in the process of configuring the bOpit live and local stream. bOpit radio is scheduled to launch in January 2018. We will launch with around 13 channels that will span from the "Just Stuff" channel to premium channels such as "Twisted But True" channel. The bOpit Business Spotlight will always be at the top of our network. So new visitors and boppets can get a taste of what bOpit business radio is all about. 

In the following weeks after launch, we will use this blog page to highlight the businesses we have interviewed. We will add their business information and links their websites for further information. If they decide to become boppers, their information and podcasting content will be added to the applicable channel within our network. We encourage you to stay updated via our social media buttons. Once we launch bOpit radio, you can also listen to updates at our Insight page.