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Dec 19, 2017

This business spotlight features the Twisted But True book and exclusive channel on bOpit Radio Network from acclaimed author and retired police sergeant Darren Burch. Go to to purchase your copy of this thrilling book today!

bOpit Business Spotlight Update

Dec 9, 2017

While you enjoy the countdown to the Christmas and New Years holidays, we are counting down the days to officially launching bOpit business radio. Our developers are hard at work integrating all of our podcast channels into our network website. We are in the process of configuring the bOpit live and local stream. bOpit...

Nov 22, 2017

Here is the first ever bOpit radio commercial by founder Tony Prangner. This short podcast outlines what bOpit radio is all about. If you like what you hear please follow us on our all of our social media. Don't forget to subscribe to the business spotlight channel.